TOTILAS from A to Z:



A as in Apple:

His favourite meal is at the top of Totilas’ menu. Apples, preferably red and crunchy.


B as in … Broeksterwâld (Broeksterwoude):

In this Frisian village, Totilas was born and raised by his owners Jan K. Schuil and Anna Visser.



C as in Concours Hippique International Officiel (CHIO) in Aachen:

In 2011, Totilas and Matthias won all three individual tests at the official tournament of the Federal Republic of Germany and the world’s biggest equestrian tournament, the Grand Prix, the Grand Prix Spécial and the Grand Prix Freestyle. Hundreds of spectators had already gathered around the warm-up arena, to see the wonder horse.


D as in Dagmar Kallenberg:

With tender loving care, groom Dagmar looks after Totilas 24/7. Since the native Swede came to the Schafhof, it has been hard to imagine Totilas’ life without her. Dagmar and Totilas are an awesome team, and they understand each other without words.

E as in … Eager for accomplishments:

Among other things Totilas is triple world champion, two-time European champion, runner-up European champion and holder of world records in the three most difficult dressage tests, records which he set while still with his former rider Edward Gal.

F as in … Fashion:

Totilas has his own fashion label named after him, designed by former dressage Olympic champion and co-owner Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff and the happening restaurant on the island Sylt, Sansibar.

G as in … Gaits:

“The three basic gaits which I have to present in a test are walk, trot and gallop. These are further categorized among other things in collection and extension, changes in tempi or gallop, suppleness and other requested movements that judges will assess in the arena. My favourite gait is the piaffe, where I nearly trot in place, and I seem to do this quite well actually. Neeeeigh!”

H as in … Hearty marriage proposal:

What happened in May 2011 in front of Totilas’ horse box in Kronberg was truly peculiar. A big fan of the black stallion visited the Schafhof with his girlfriend to propose to her there. The man asked Matthias if he could go into Totilas’ box one more time on his own. Of course, Matthias agreed. There he proposed to his girlfriend, on bended knees, in front of Totilas. Totilas watched them intently and she said yes!

I as in … intensive grooming and care:

“I receive intensive, tender loving care from my acupuncturist and physical therapist. In addition to my first veterinarian Dr. Björn Nolting, Dr. Ina Gösmeier pays me regular visits and makes sure that my locomotor system is always in good shape. An acupuncture treatment always does me very good. I can really recommend that!”


J as in… Just about every morning:

When I get up in Paul Schockemöhle’s stables in Mühlen during breeding season, I am surrounded by not just one but by numerous sparrows, which absolutely do make for a summer, too. In Kronberg on the Schafhof between April and November, however, many swallows wake me up. Oh, that’s so lovely with the sparrows and the swallows.

K as in … KWPN:

Totilas is descended from the horse breed “Koninklijk Warmbloed Paard Nederland”, better known as “Dutch Warmblood”. Dutch Warmbloods are known for being especially agile, motivated and friendly. All three qualities hold absolutely true for Totilas. But Totilas is half-German, too – his father was Gribaldi, a Trakehner stallion, one of the most significant German saddle horse breeds!

L as in … Laughter:

In 2011, the Hessische Rundfunk (Hessian Broadcasting) broadcast a serialized radio comedy show titled “Totilas – Der Superhengst rettet den Planeten” (translates into: The super stallion saves the planet), in which Totilas is unbeatable and can do anything. Listen to a snatch of it here:

Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3
Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6

M as in … Matthias:

“Since October 2010 Matthias Rath is my new rider. Within the first nine months we were able to celebrate our first victories in year 2011. We won nine out of ten challenges, including three victories at CHIO in Aachen. During the European championship we were able to win the silver medal in team. Following an eight-month break from competition we celebrated our large comeback in Hagen a.T.W. in Mai 2012 performing two wins and high scores.”

N as in … Never had a horse received so much media attention:

Ever since Totilas began riding with Matthias Rath under the German flag, dressage has attracted unparalleled attention. Since then there have been far more than 500 interview and filming requests from all over the world. In Germany, TV stations such as RTL, N24, N-TV, ZDF, ARD, Sat1 or Reuters TV and regional as well as national newspapers such as the FAZ, Welt, BILD, Rheinische Post, Bunte, Gala, BravoSport, SportBild and many, many more report on Totilas since Matthias has been introduced as his new rider. From the Wallstreet Journal, to the English TV station CBS, to Australian, English or Spanish trade journals or even a Japanese blog – even abroad the interest in Totilas is huge.

O as in … Olympic Games 2012:

It is Totilas’ and Matthias Rath’s biggest goal to take part in this summer’s Olympic Games and to be a worthy representative in London for the colours Black, Red and Gold.

P as in … Piaffe:

Totilas’ signature movement. No dressage horse can perform this movement, where the horse is in a highly collected and cadenced trot in place, more elegantly and more graciously than Totilas.


Q as in … Quadrilingual and chatterboxes:

“My closest fellow teammates are real chatterboxes in the stables and in the arena. But that also has its perks. Matthias and his father speak German and English, Daggi Swedish and English. Until 2011, I had also spoken Dutch. By now you might say I am quadrilingual.”

R as in … Red:

One of the two play balls, that the black stallion by now would not want to miss, is red. Not only does he use the balls to pass his time in his horse box at home, he also cannot go to tournaments without them.

S as in … Sawdust:

“I need a lot of sawdust in my horse box, and a bit of straw for nibbling.”

T as in … Totila:

Totilas is named after the Ostrogoth king Totila, who was said to be a great conqueror and later lived on as a heroic figure.

U as in … uncomplicated:

His groom Dagmar Kallenberg confirms it: “Toto” is an absolutely uncomplicated stallion. No matter if it’s photographers, TV teams, or huge crowds, Totilas is in fact always totally relaxed and not only in the arena a real professional.

V as in … very good role model:

“My rider Matthias always wears a (Casco) helmet when riding me – or any of his other horses. (please put link in brackets above). I think he sets a very good example, because you never know what is going to happen. I always tell my friends in the stables not to throw their riders. After all, I don’t do that either! Neeeeigh!”


W as in … World championship:

In 2010, Totilas triumphed three times at once at the World Equestrian Games: Twice he won gold with his then-rider, Gal, and once he could celebrate this accomplishment in team. The next World Equestrian Games will be held in 2014 in Normandy, France.

Y as in … Yeti:

“I don’t believe in him! Neeeeeeigh!”

Z as in … zealous breeding ambitions:

Totilas is a stallion in worldwide demand. His sperm is highly coveted. So far, about 100 offsprings of Totilas were born. Another 150 are going to be there in spring 2012. A breeder has to afford about 4000 Euro for Totilas´ sperms. If a mare carries after insemination they will have to pay an additional rate of 4000 Euro. During the cover season Totilas has to pair the “Phantom” three times each week. He acts cool as well and differentiates from other stallions by his enormous professionalism.